VW Beetle Headlight Switch Wiring

VW Beetle Headlight Switch Wiring

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Parts list:
- Main Harness
- Left Front Harness
- Right Front Harness
- Brake Master Cylinder Harness
- Dome light harness
- Tail light harness
- license light harness
- gas tank harness
- backup light ...

Parts list:
- Main Harness
- Left Front Harness
- Right Front Harness
- Brake Master Cylinder Harness
- Dome light harness
- Tail light harness
- license light harness
- gas tank harness
- backup light harness
- backup light link
- starter power harness
- front turn signal harness
- ground link assembly
- misc. wires or sub assembling
- headlight socket housing
- grommets
- spade connectors
- TEE connectors
- Bus connectors

Installation direction:
1. disconnect battery ground cable
2. this step describes how to replace the main harness traveling along the left floor of the body. disconnect wires behind dash in front and wiring attached to the voltage regulator beneath rear seat. Use the wiring diagram as a guide. Pry away the metal bands holding the harness to the chassis and untangle the harness so that it may be easily pulled out. check carefully and remove any insulation that has been stuffed into the back of the roof channel above the firewall. remove the back seat cusion and side left rear door panel to gain access to the rear cavity.
3. Attach a dragline to the old dome light at the light slot. pull the old harness out the front of the roof channel while feeding in the dragline through the light slot. attach the dragline to the new domelight harness and pull into position by feeding harness through front. connect the dome light wiring as shown and bend metal tangs back. make certain the door buttons and dome light assembly are in working order and are grounded properly.
4. Install the two tail light harness traveling to the rear fenders. connect from main harness to the tail light socket assy.
5. install the license light harness to the rear deck lid. connect to the White-red TEE connector block. Be certain light is grounded. keep wire clamped away from fan.
6. Install the front right and left turnsignal harnesses. black-white goes to the left side, black green goes to the right side.
7. Disconnect and remove the front left harness. install new one and connect. also install the Brown ground wires for the headlights at this time. use a little wire lube to help get the headlight wires through the rubber tube that connect the body to the headlight bucket. install healight wires into socket houseing as shown below:
socket housing
8. install brake master cylinder harness and connect.

figure 01

figure 02

figure 03

figure 04

figure 05

Many electrical problems can be traced to faulty electrical equipment. Crusty-tarnished contacts, lightbulbs, bulb holders and grounds are the #1 causes of open circuits. Special attention should be given to cleaning brass contact surfaces and removing paint at ground contacts. it is advisable to use all new bulbsand fuses to eliminate problems with turnished brass.
the part numbers on this list are for original German equipment. part numbers for equivalent parts made in taiwan, mexico and brazil may be different from those given below. double check part number with original part before ordering from dealer.

111 937 505F Fuse Box 10 ckt
111 937 555A Fuse Box Cover
111 937 591 Fuse Box Clip
111 937 093A Back-up Light Auxiliary Fuse
311 941 531B Headlight Switch
111 941 583 Hi-Lo Beam Relay
#6014 Headligth Bulb (2)
111 941 185C HdLt Wires Rubber Tube (HdLt bucket to body)
141 955 517A Wiper Switch 2-speed Lg hole
111 955 113F Wiper Motor
211 953 235A Emergency Flasher Switch
111 947 111C Interior Light
N 017723 2/2 Interior Light Bulb
and so on

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