Understanding Digital and the development of digital technology in the world of Electronics

Understanding Digital and the development of digital technology in the world of Electronics

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The development of electronic technology today, the use of digital techniques is the most important basis of various electronic devices or equipment. Some of the simplest examples of the uses of digital engineering are watches, calculators, and co...

The development of electronic technology today, the use of digital techniques is the most important basis of various electronic devices or equipment. Some of the simplest examples of the uses of digital engineering are watches, calculators, and computers.
Most of today's electronic devices must have used digital technology. In which there are a lot of logic circuits that are packaged in a chip package called an integrated circuit (IC).

In the world of the electronics hobby, digital engineering is a basic thing that must be known and studied because this is the foundation in arranging various digital electronics projects. One way is to study each IC which contains digital logic gates.

Definition of Digital

As is well known, all electronic equipment that already uses a digital system includes an information system and a power processing system consisting of certain numbers and letters that are presented in digital form through electronic components.

From the general understanding above, it can be concluded that the basic digital system only has two basic conditions, namely represented by the number 0 or 1. Each digit of the condition 0 or 1 is called a bit. To understand more about this digital meaning, we try to analogize digital systems with analog systems.
Difference between analog system and digital system

Actually, in everyday life, directly or indirectly, we are always dealing with analog and digital systems. One example of analog application is the needle of a conventional car speedometer which has less futuristic technology.

When the speedometer needle moves shows a certain number, the needle is moved because of an electric current passing through a rotating coil. This is due to the electric motive force generated from the rotation of the car tires. The faster the car tires rotate, the greater the electric force generated so that the speedometer needle will move to the right.

This is one of the principles of analog systems. In an analog system, the value of the output value can be directly proportional or it can be inversely proportional to the value of the input or input value. For example, the greater the input value, the output will also follow the amount of input or vice versa.

Well, the digital system is different from the analog system. In a digital system, the general input value can produce discrete or erratic forms of output. Or it can be said that the output value of the digital system can have a value that jumps according to the input quantity.

In general, digital systems do not require a relationship that is directly proportional to the input value and the output value. For example, there are two or more input quantities, then the output value can be in the form of two conditions, namely 1 and 0, or high and low conditions.

Because the output value is not absolute relative to the input value, the circuit is called a logic circuit, because there are a number of certain logic requirements that determine the output conditions based on the output conditions.

A brief history of digital technology

The word digital originally came from Greek, which is digitus, which means fingers. As quoted from wikipedia, we know that our finger is 10. From the number 10 has two radix, namely the number 1 and the number 0. At that time the term Digital is a description of a number state consisting only of the number 1 and the number 0.

As the term develops, the naming of numbers 1 and 0 is also termed On for the number 1 and off for the number 0. Therefore the numbers 1 and 0 are also known as binary numbers. In the beginning, all computer systems were found to have used digital systems for all data processing.

However, before the discovery of sophisticated computers, digital principles were already used for certain uses, such as Morse code which uses two codes, namely dots and lines to symbolize characters, or braile letter systems that use a dot pattern.

The development of digital technology and its benefits in general

The development of digital technology is currently developing very rapidly. In fact, almost everything that works with analog has started to gradually transform into digital systems from various sectors and fields.

The first time the digital system was implemented radically at that time was with the birth of the semiconductor computer machine in 1940. Since then there has been a significant development of computer technology which has faster capabilities and is increasingly compact in size.

After that, the development of digital technology was marked by the birth of the World Wide Web (WWW) and the internet in 1989. The Internet at that time was not very popular because its use was still expensive so that only people with certain economic conditions could use it. In contrast to now the internet is very affordable and can be enjoyed by various groups.

The birth of digital technology in addition to penetrating various electronic devices, along with the increasing use of the internet in the world, in 1997 various social media networking sites were born which became increasingly popular in the era of the 200s until now.

The following are some of the benefits of digital technology in general.
The form of the device is getting more compact but has more capabilities

At the time the computer machine was invented for the first time, its shape could almost fill an entire room but its capabilities were still very limited. Along with the development of digital technology, computer machines are now increasingly very sophisticated and smart but with a very compact size and can be carried anywhere.

Utilization of GPS

Global Positioning System (GPS) is one of the most advanced technologies from the use of digital technology. Basically, GPS is a system for determining the position or location on the earth's surface aided by satellite signal alignment. This signal is sent from the device to the satellite and vice versa by using a digital signal. Currently, the GPS component has been embedded in almost all existing smartphone cellphones.

In addition, GPS technology is also used for online transportation applications that make it easier to order motorcycle taxis, food or four-wheeled vehicles.

Ease of shopping

Digital technology is very broad in its use. Almost all sectors are now using digital systems. One of them is when doing shopping. Currently, many shopping centers are already using a cashless or cashless system. Namely using virtual money that is stored in a database on a smartphone and connected online to all existing networks.

A credit or debit card contains a chip and magnetic information system that contains the user's identity when swiped or taped to the EDC machine while shopping. Then the system will record it and reduce our balance automatically. Both the electronic device and the application system, that is an example of the use of a digital system. The real basis of all these electronic devices is a logic system that is embedded in a very small IC or chip.

Logic Condition Marking

In digital circuits or digital engineering, we will only recognize two logical conditions, namely the values ​​1 and 0, or "yes" and "no", or "high" and "low". For these two conditions, usually in boolean algebra it is indicated by two number conditions, namely 1 and 0.

In addition to conditions 1 or 0, the mention of digital logic conditions can also be defined as "high" or H for 1 and "low" or L for 0. Here is an example of mentioning the logic conditions in a digital system that can be used.

1       0
H       L

Example of mention of the condition of digital system logic

Basic symbol of digital engineering logic

To simplify digital circuit design, symbols such as electronic circuits are needed in general. In digital circuits, there are several special symbols that express logic or a condition. Practically. This logic circuit is packaged in an Integrated Circuit (IC) such as a TTL or CMOS IC.

The following are the basic symbols of logic in digital engineering.

logic gates symbols

The logic gate symbols above may differ slightly when compared to some printed books, or electronics software. But the principle is the same. Usually what distinguishes is only a slightly elongated shape, but special markings such as a circle on the front are the same because it indicates the opposite condition.

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