Transistor C2328 equation for television horizontal amplifier

Transistor C2328 equation for television horizontal amplifier

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Transistor C2328 is sought after because it is widely used to fix the horizontal part of television, especially TV brand Polytron. When it is difficult to find this type of transistor, the solution is to find the equation.



Transistor C2328 is sought after because it is widely used to fix the horizontal part of television, especially TV brand Polytron. When it is difficult to find this type of transistor, the solution is to find the equation.


Currently, components or spare parts for tube television are becoming difficult to find because of the dominance of LCD and LED televisions. However, it turns out those transistors other than type C2328 can also be used as long as they have similar characteristics. Sometimes transistor C2328 is also called 2SC2328. 

The use of transistor C2328 

Transistor C2383 is widely used for transistor differential amplifier, or as a driver with high frequency. In fact, it is not uncommon for this transistor to be used as an amplifier driver for radio electronic circuits. Especially in television circuits, transistor C2383 is used as an amplifier driver for the horizontal section which will amplify to the final horizontal transistor. 

Transistor configuration C2328 

Finding the equation for the C2328 transistor is actually not that difficult. The first thing to consider is to look at the transistor configuration. In C2328, it has the same 2 pins as transistors in general, namely the base, collector and emitter. Packed with a TO-92MOD type shell, the pin configuration of the C2328 transistor is as follows:transistor c2328 pinout 

pinout transistor c2328

C2328 transistor specifications 

In actual specifications, the C2328 transistor datasheet is suitable for use for power audio drivers. However, with the specifications of the voltage, frequency and gain value available, these transistors are widely used in televisions, especially the horizontal driver section.

One of the advantages of this transistor is that it has a sufficiently large collector dissipation current of 2 Amperes. The following are specifications that can be used as a comparison in finding the C2328 transistor equation: ·        

Packing transistor C2328 (C2328A): TO-92MOD·        

  • Transistor type: NPN·        
  • Maximum collector current (Ic): 2 Amperes·        
  • Maximum collector-emitter voltage (VCE): 30V·        
  • Maximum collector-base voltage (VCB): 30V·        
  • Maximum emitter-base voltage (VEB): 5V·        
  • Maximum collector dissipation current (PC): 2A·        
  • Maximum transition frequency (FT): 120MHz·        
  • Minimum & maximum DC current gain (HFE): 100-320·        
  • Operating Temperature: -55 degrees Celsius to +150 degrees Celsius.

Transistor C2328 equation 

Based on the specifications contained in the transistor C2328, several transistors with similar characteristics are the type C3205, D1347, D1835, D1207, and C2328A transistors. Some television technicians often use the D400 and D438 transistors instead of the C2328 and the results are not disappointing. For the complementary type of C2328 (NPN) is 2SA928 (PNP). While the equation for the C2328 transistor in its SMD type is KTC4375 (SOT-89 packaging). 

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