Transistor Based Electronic Touch Switch Circuit

Transistor Based Electronic Touch Switch Circuit

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The electronic touch switch circuit can be used to control various electronic equipment, both small currents and large currents using the touch system. For electronics hobbyists, this circuit will be very useful.

This electronic touch swit...

The electronic touch switch circuit can be used to control various electronic equipment, both small currents and large currents using the touch system. For electronics hobbyists, this circuit will be very useful.

This electronic touch switch circuit has a fairly simple working principle. Unlike touch switch circuits in general nowadays which use the entire IC, this circuit is transistor-based with the addition of a CMOS IC gate to withstand the conditions from touch to the next condition.

electronic touch switch circuit schematic

List of Components:
R1 = 4k7
R2, R4 = 15k
R3, R5 = 220k
R6 = 150k
R7 = 470
R8, R10 = 1k
R9 = 100
VR = 10k
C1 = 1uF
C2 = 0.01 uF
C4, C5, C6 = 2,2uF
C7, C8 = 1000uF / 16V
TR1, TR2, TR3, TR4 = FCS 9014
TR5 = FCS 9013
D1, D2, D3, D4, D5, D6 = IN4002
D7 = LED
IC = SN 7473
S = Reed switch
T = Primary: 110V-220V
Secondary: 9V / 500 mA

Transistors TR1, TR2 and TR3 are a three-stage electronic amplifier circuit that will produce a sine signal when the touch input is held, the handle sensor has a high impedance. so that when touched by a hand or finger, the finger will act like a ground. When this happens, the emitter output on TR3 is enough to produce a DC voltage of about 3 Volts after passing through diode D5. This diode D5 functions to convert the AC signal that comes out of the TR3 emitter into DC voltage.

IC 1 is a digital logic gate that produces an output that is close to 5 volts when it is high, and the voltage will be close to zero when it is low. capacitor C6 serves to withstand the conditions of the output transistor TR4 until the input conditions of the touch field change. When the IC produces an output in a high condition, the input transistor TR5 which functions as a relay driver will be triggered and activate the coil on the relay so that the switch on the relay will be closed.

pcb layout and electronic touch switch circuit component layout

The picture above is an example of the layout and layout of the components of an electronic touch switch circuit which can be directly imitated, or you can make your own PCB layout design according to your creativity. If you are going to make more than one touch switch, IC SN7473 can use up to 2 switches because this IC consists of two clear J-K flip-flops. For more details, see the IC SN7473 datasheet.

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