Subaru Forester Wiring Diagram POWER SUPPLY ROUTING

Subaru Forester Wiring Diagram POWER SUPPLY ROUTING

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Basic Diagnostics Procedure
The most important purpose of diagnostics is to determine which part is malfunctioning quickly, to save time and labor.
Determine what the problem is ba...

Basic Diagnostics Procedure
The most important purpose of diagnostics is to determine which part is malfunctioning quickly, to save time and labor.
Determine what the problem is based on the symptom.
Look at the wiring diagram and check the system's circuit. Then check the switch, relay, fuse, ground,etc.
1) Using the diagnostics narrow down the causes.
2) If necessary, use a voltmeter, ohmmeter, etc.
3) Before replacing certain component parts(switch, relay, etc.), check the power supply, ground, for the open wiring harness, poor connectors,etc. If no problems are encountered, check the component parts.
After repairing, ensure that the system operates properly.

The wiring diagram of each system is illustrated so that you can understand the path through which the electric current flows from the battery. Sketches and codes are used in the diagrams. They should read as follows:Each connector and its terminal position are indicated by a sketch of the connector in a disconnected state which is viewed from the front.
figure 1

The number of poles or pins, presence of a lock, and pin number of each terminal are indicated in the sketch of each connector. In the sketch, the highest pole number refers to the number of poles that the connector has. For example, the sketch of the connector shown in the figure indicates the connector has 9poles.
figure 2

Relays are classified as normally-open or normally-closed. The normally-closed relay has one or more contacts.The wiring diagram shows the relay mode when the energizing circuit is OFF.
figure 3

Each connector number shown in the wiring diagram corresponds to that in the wiring harness. The location of each connector in the actual vehicle is determined by reading the first character of the connector (for example, a“F”for F8,“i”fori16, etc.) and the type of wiring harness. The first character of each connector number refers to the area or system of the vehicle.


A number of symbols are used in each wiring diagram to easily identify parts or circuits.figure 4

1. RELAY -> A symbol used to indicate a relay.
2. CONNECTOR-1 -> The sketch of the connector indicates the one-polytypes.
3. WIRING CONNECTION -> Some wiring diagrams are indicated in foldouts for convenience. Wiring destinations are indicated where necessary by corresponding symbols (as when two pages are needed for clear indication).
4. FUSE No. & RATING -> The“FUSE No. & RATING” corresponds with that used in the fuse box (main fuse box, fuse and joint box).
5. CONNECTOR-2 -> Each connector is indicated by a symbol.Each terminal number is indicated in the corresponding wiring diagram in an abbreviated form.For example, the terminal number“C2” refers to the No.2 terminal of connector (C: F41) shown in the connector sketch.
6. CONNECTOR SKETCH -> Each connector sketch clearly identifies the shape and color of a connector as well as terminal locations. Non-colored connectors are indicated in natural color.When more than two types of connector numbers are indicated in a connector sketch, it means that the same type connectors are used.
7. GROUND -> Each grounding point can be located easily by referring to the corresponding wiring harness.
8. DIODE -> A symbol is used to indicate a diode.
9. WIRE TRACING ON EXTENDED WIRING DIAGRAMS -> For a wiring diagram extending over at least two pages, a symbol (consisting of the same characters with arrows), facilitates wire tracing from one page to the next.A←→A, B←→B

figure 5
11. POWER SUPPLY ROUTING -> A symbol is used to indicate the power supply in each wiring diagram.“MB-5”,“MB-6”, etc., which are used as power-supply symbols throughout the text, correspond with those shown in the POWER SUPPLY ROUT-ING in the wiring diagram. Accordingly, using the POWER SUPPLY ROUT-ING and wiring diagrams permits service personnel to understand the entire electrical arrangement of a system.

symbol in wiring

figure 6

figure 7

ABS = Antilock Brake System
ACC = Accessory
A/C = Air Conditioning
AD = Auto Down
AT = Automatic Transmission
AU = Auto Up
+B = Battery
DN = Down
E = Ground
F/B = Fuse & Joint Box
FL1.5 = Fusible link 1.5 mm2
IG = Ignition
Illumi. = Illumination
LH = Left Hand
Lo = Low
M = Motor
M/B = Main Fuse Box
MG = Magnet
Mi = Middle
OP = Optional Parts
PASS = Passing
RH = Right Hand
SBF = Slow Blow Fuse
ST = Starter
SW = Switch
UP = Up
WASH = Washer

figure 8

figure 9

figure 10

- MB-1 A/C relay holder
- MB-2 Headlight RH Combination meter
- MB-3 Headlight LH
- MB-4 Horn
- MB-5 Horn switch
- MB-6 Hazard switch Key switch Keyless entry control module
- MB-7 Transmission control module
- MB-8 Diode (With rear fog light) Diode (lighting) Lighting switch
- MB-9 Data link connector Engine control module Fuel pump relay Main relay Immobilizer control module
- MB-12 Headlight washer module Power window circuit breaker
- SBF-7ABS control module
- ALT-1Combination meter
- IG Check connector Combination meter Hazard switch Headlight washer switch Mirror heater condenser Mirror heater LH Mirror heater RH Power window relay Seatbelt timer Speed warning module Vehicle speed sensor (MT)
- ST Engine control module (AT) Inhibitor switch (AT) Starter motor (AT)
- FB-1 Combination meter Hazard switch Rear turn signal light RH Trailer connector Turn signal switch
- FB-2 Combination meter Keyless entry control module Hazard switch Turn signal switch Rear turn signal light LH
- FB-3 Parking switch
- FB-4 Side turn signal light RH Front turn signal light RH
- FB-5 Side turn signal light LH Front turn signal light LH
- FB-6 Front clearance light LH Front clearance light RH Headlight leveler LH Headlight leveler RH
- FB-7 License plate light Trailer connector
- FB-8 Combination meter Radio Room light Keyless entry control module Key illumination light Clock Luggage room lightSpot light
- FB-9 Rear fog light relay Headlight leveling switch Illumination light Illumination control module Front fog light relay Front fog light switch
- FB-10 Parking switch
- FB-11 Lighting switch
- FB-12 Parking switch
- FB-13 Rear defogger switch Rear defogger Mirror heater relay
- FB-14 Rear defogger
- FB-15 Wiper deicer Wiper deicer time Back-up light switch (MT) Inhibitor switch (AT)
- FB-16 ABS control module A/C relay holde
- FB-17 Air conditioner relay A/C relay holder
- FB-18 Mode control panel Blower motor relay Pressure switch Rear defogger switch
- FB-19 Fuel pump relay Engine control module Ignition coil and ignitor Transmission control module Immobilizer control module
- FB-20 Airbag control module
- FB-21 Airbag control module
- FB-22 Front washer motor Front wiper motor Front wiper switch Rear wiper motor Rear wiper intermittent module
- FB-23 Noise killer Radio Clock
- FB-24 Remote rearview mirror switch Seat heater/rear accessory power supply relay Front accessory power supply socket
- FB-25 Rear fog light relay
- FB-26 Seat heater/rear accessory power supply relay
- FB-27 Stop light Stop light switch
- FB-28 ABS control module
- FB-29 Front fog light relay
- FB-30 Blower motor relay
- FB-31 Keyless entry control module
- FB-32 Wiper deicer relay

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