How to Fix Your Refrigerator Not Cold, Complete Guide

How to Fix Your Refrigerator Not Cold, Complete Guide

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How to Fix Your Refrigerator Not Cold, Complete Guide

How to fix a refrigerator not cold? I often encounter this question on air conditioning and refrigerator service forums. Of course, to answer it must be with knowledge and steps that ar...

How to Fix Your Refrigerator Not Cold, Complete Guide

How to fix a refrigerator not cold? I often encounter this question on air conditioning and refrigerator service forums. Of course, to answer it must be with knowledge and steps that are easy to understand.

So that people who ask questions are not confused or even dizzy due to unclear answers. Therefore, it would be great if I made a guide on this blog, so that other people who have the same questions can all be answered in this article.

In dealing with a refrigerator that is not cold, of course it will be easier if we already know the cause. Because then we will know what needs to be checked first, so we don't take the wrong step in acting.

refrigerator not cold

.. therefore, please read my post first, entitled Causes of the refrigerator not cold. In addition to making it easier for you, of course it will also add to your insight about the turn and why the refrigerator is not cold.

In addition, it is equally important to know what symptoms make the refrigerator cool. So that the article that explains how to fix the refrigerator is not cold this time, based on common symptoms. These symptoms include:

The fridge suddenly turned off and was not cold.
The compressor engine is dead and won't start anymore.
The refrigerator does not cool down after cleaning.

That way, readers can choose which guide fits the problem at hand. I need to remind you, you can apply this guide to either one or two door models.

… And if you have any doubts, it's best to try to ask before you act, or call an experienced technician right away. Well, if you are interested in following this guide on how to fix a cold refrigerator, please refer to the following steps.
Fix a refrigerator that suddenly turns off and is not cold
1. Check the Power Supply cable and Relay

The first thing to check is the Power Supply cable. Make sure the cable is not broken, and so does the Relay. We can use a multitester to make sure the cable or relay still has a connection between one end and the other.

If it turns out that the cable is broken, please connect using a solution. Likewise, if this happens to the Relay, please replace the Relay with a new one. If so, please plug the refrigerator power cable into electricity. If the compressor engine still won't start, let's move on to the next step.
2. Check Component Overload

This overload has a function to prevent overheating or overheating of the compressor engine. So, the bimetal in this overload is broken, porous or not a little burnt, the engine automatically cannot start. The easiest way to identify whether the overload is still good or not is by looking at its condition.

If it is porous or there are burn marks, it is likely that the overload has been damaged. To be more certain, please just replace it with a new one.
3. Check the Thermostat or Automatic Timer

After checking, it turns out that both the cables, relays, and overload are all good but the engine still dies, now try checking the thermostat. This tool is located inside the refrigerator.

To check this, use a multi-tester with a range position on oHm (Ω). Then connect the cable to the multitester with the two thermostat sockets, while the knob is turned clockwise.

If there is a relationship it means good, if there is no meaning otherwise. If the thermostat is caught, please replace it with a new one.

..And for the 2-door model refrigerator there is one more thing that needs to be checked, namely the automatic timer. It is located in the bottom of the refrigerator, and there is also behind the refrigerator near the compressor engine.

To make sure the timer is still good or not, please turn it to the right until you hear a "tick" sound twice. For clarity, please read the automatic timer function on the 2-door refrigerator.

These three components need to be checked if the refrigerator engine suddenly turns off. And if everything is in normal condition but the engine still won't start, it is most likely because the compressor is dead. To be more certain, please check in the following way.
How to check the refrigerator compressor is still good or not

Prepare the multitester with a position in the range oHm (Ω).
Connect the socket on the compressor to the compressor body using the multitester cable.
Finally, look at the multitester screen, if the needle does not show a connection it means good. and if there is a connection, it means that the compressor has contacted the body, in other words it is short.

If the refrigerator compressor often turns off itself, even though we have set it at the lowest temperature. We can also check the condition by looking at the compressor ampere value. The average average ampere rating of a normal refrigerator compressor is between 0.5 A to 1 A. Of course it also depends on the size of the compressor size too.

If the damage has occurred to the compressor engine, it cannot be repaired again. You can, but most likely it won't last long. So that many technicians suggest replacing it with a new or used one, but it still has good performance.
Fix the refrigerator not cold after cleaning

When cleaning frosts, we usually turn the thermostat knob or turn it off. and when it's finished, we often forget to return the Thermostat setting to its original position.

Of course as a result, the refrigerator is not cold enough or not even cold because the compressor does not start. Therefore, make sure beforehand that the Thermostat settings are correct.

A refrigerator that doesn't cool down after cleaning can also be due to user error itself. One of them is cleaning the ice flowers using a sharp object.

As a result, the evaporator was punctured, causing freon leakage. To fix it, of course we have to patch the leak using special glue, then fill in the freon from ZERO again.


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