How to Fix Acura Transmission Troubles

How to Fix Acura Transmission Troubles

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Even though Acura known as a dependable car, slipped transmission, worse shifting, vibration or jumping issues often complained by Acura owners. While driving up to 60,000 miles an owner can feel there is a problem with his transmission it’s...

Even though Acura known as a dependable car, slipped transmission, worse shifting, vibration or jumping issues often complained by Acura owners. While driving up to 60,000 miles an owner can feel there is a problem with his transmission it’s can be found when cold weather or at the beginning. Acura transmission troubles certainly can be fixed transmission software temporarily while another problem may be needed to replace a whole transmission. But if you still have a warranty company for your Acura you can go to closes Acura dealer. But if you don’t have a warranty or expired may by reading this article help you to repair the troubles that occur on your Acura especially for the transmission section. Before starting to check we need some basic things like a knowledge to read false codes from the transmission Control Unit (TCU) and Powertrain Control Module (PCM).

Take a look at common symptoms often occur on your Acura

fluid level

fluid level

These are the symptoms that you may regard:

  • Vibration or Shudder when driving
  • Doubts on acceleration
  • Shift delayed
  • Grinding or growling noise
  • Shudder when driving in the 30 to 45 mph range
  • No power and poor acceleration
  • Transmission jerked while shifting gears
  • Slams and downshifts into gear
  • Transmission flounce
  • Check engine when the light on (P0700, P0730, P0740, P0780, P1768)
  • Uncertain shifting
  • No power or loses power while driving

Now, the most common problem found on Acura is a fluid level

Check your transmission fluid level if indicator sign low you will get your car’s transmission no shift, slipping, jerking between gears or even a burning smell. If your Acura delay in shifting and you regard stuck in gear. The more important things that you have to do are checking the transmission fluid level. Never ever drive your Acura in condition with low transmission fluid level. Why? Cause if you drive a car with low transmission fluid level can damage the transmission itself.

  1. Make sure to shift the transmission manually while you drive your car around a least 15 minutes by doing this way make you Acura transmission fluid to achieve operating temperature.
  2. Check your Acura’s automatic transmission level. To get an accurate level of reading you need to measure transmission fluid level when the transmission oil is warm.
  3. If the level of fluid transmission is low, add fluid trans until you reach a level between min and max sign at the dipstick. If your Acura didn’t have a dipstick you can buy at the closest market from your home or buy it online for Acura transmission dipstick. But maybe dipstick not available for transmission which measuring the level using drain plug or that have a fill and drains plug
  4. Use only transmission fluid for Acura not another vehicle on the market because it’s can damage your car’s transmission.

How to notice Acura transmission troubles

How to know the transmission is in trouble by looking at the indicator that available in your engine light (CEL). You need a generic OBD-II scanner to diagnosis the faults that occur in your car or not, but the codes will no helpful like code saved in PCM (Powertrain Control Module) known also as Transmission Control Unit. A multi-system diagnostic scanner that works on Acura can read fault codes from module PCM.

To diagnosis the Honda/Acura transmission problems you need scanner which suits for Acura and Honda like listed below:

  • Foxwell NT510 for Honda - All systems Acura/Honda diagnostic scanner
  • Launch Creader VII+ - Cheaper but only covers the engine, abs, airbag, transmission modules
  • Autel Maxidas - Professional Scanner, All system, Bi-directional

After all the preparations are all ready to use. You can follow the instruction below:

Step 1

Search for a diagnostic port located on the driver’s side and under the dashboard. At there you will see 16-pin port and this port available on All 1996 and newer Acura vehicle.

Step 2

obd2 port

obd2 port

Plug your handheld Bluetooth adapter or scanner into the OBD2 port.

Step 3

In the third step, make sure that your key position is on at II, and you can look at all indicators on the dashboard light. Don does not start the engine of the vehicle. Then press the start button without pushing brakes and make sure that you have this button.

dashboard lights

dashboard lights

Step 4

Switch on the OBD2 scanner and connect to your Acura’s ECU (Engine Control Unit).

obd2 scanner

obd2 scanner

Step 5

Identify false codes from the Transmission Control Unit (TCU). Write the fault codes and start to diagnosis the problems and best solving way. If the troubles are repaired you can go to Transmission menu > Erase codes to reset transmission false codes.

These are common problems occur at Acura vehicle

Step 6: Vibrations and shudder while driving

Transmission vibration and shudder while driving known as common problems often occur on many Acura cars such as TL and MDX. The transmission vibration feels annoying when you drive in speed. But to solve these problems are very easy what you need to do is just updating the software for automatic transmission and you can carry your car on the closest dealer.

shudder and vibrations when driving

shudder and vibrations when driving

Go to the Acura closest dealer to prepare them with your VIN number and also asking about Powertrain Control Module (PCM) if there the software update available. Once the updating software completed and you have still problems with transmission shaking and it’s a good time for you to replace a bad torque convert with a new one. As we known to replace the torque converter will spending much money because of these tools very expensive around $1800-$3000 on the market.

Step 7: take a look at engine light and D4 or D5 light flashing

Check the dashboard light may engine light and D4 or D4 light is flashing. On some occasions, you may hear a loud noise from your car’s transmission. Which these occasions happen, it’s mean that your Acura shifting is the delay between gears in upshifting and downshifting.

As mentioned above or previous your need to replace the torque converter. After replacing the new one surely all will be found.

Step 8: The clutch pack is worn

Another problem occurs if your clutch pack is worn if this problem happens you can’t upshift and downshifting in 3rd gear. The typical problems include slipping, flaring and no shifting to 3rd gear at all. Also, take a look at dashboard light may gear D5 is flashing too. To repair this trouble you will need to investigate the transmission and replace the clutch pack to the new one. This trouble also can be caused by a defective valve body.

Step 9: Sensors and solenoids on the valve body

As we knew that multiple solenoids are attached to the valve body of the transmission in Acura vehicle. Because of long using these solenoids can break or can’t attach correctly causing erratic shifting. The Sensor which attached to valve body may get dirty and stop working if there is a short in the wire harness. If this problem happens, you can overhaul the valve body instead of replacing it. The repairing valve body is most efficient than replace the complete valve body.

Step 10: Transmission won't come out of Park

How if you can’t drive or even move your vehicle. It can happen if your transmission refuses to move from the park mode. Scarier is about the cost of how to repair such things may be able to spend much money. Usually, the problem occurs cause of a bad ignition switch or brake light switch is not detaching the shifter from the park.

check engine light and d4 or d5 light flashing

check engine light and d4 or d5 light flashing

Manually ignore the transmission and move the shifter in Drive mode this is known as a temporary solution.

Feather step, search for shifter unlock surround transmission panel and then open up the plastic cover with a flat screwdriver and insert a screwdriver into the hole and move the shifter from park to drive mode.

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