How relay is works and simple wiring sample

How relay is works and simple wiring sample

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In this occasion, lets learn about relay which we can found this tool in our electrical's automotive. How a relay works 12v? the relay works only use one circuit to switch on a second circuit.its mean one circuit for double function like the follo...

In this occasion, lets learn about relay which we can found this tool in our electrical's automotive. How a relay works 12v? the relay works only use one circuit to switch on a second circuit.its mean one circuit for double function like the following explanation when power flows through the first circuit, this circuit activated the electromagnet signed by brown color, generating a magnetic field (blue color) and send a contact then activated the second circuit. when the power is switched off, a spring pulls the contact back up to its original position, by this activity can switch the second circuit off again. we hope this explanation is clear about how relay is works.

how relay is works

how relay is works

What is an automotive relay? an automotive relay is an electronically operated switch. as we found relay in our car works to operate switch on and off. trhe shape of relay in automative industry described as small cube with double function which can switch on/off. when you look at relay you will found the number than what the number working for? at center of relay we found the number 87 A this is where the power is go when relay is not hot. than how about another four numbers? all of the number indentification has function for each. like number 85 is used for grounding and number 30 is 12V supply, 86 is trigger wire 12 volt when switched. for the last 87 used for 12 volt output for accessory such as light, horn, etc.


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