Did you know what is Resistive Hygrometers?

Did you know what is Resistive Hygrometers?

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Humidity is the amount of water vapor present in a gas. Moisture is the amount of water absorbed or adsorbed in a liquid or solid. The mass of water
vapor contained in a given volume of gas is called absolute humidity (g/m3). what is usually ...

Humidity is the amount of water vapor present in a gas. Moisture is the amount of water absorbed or adsorbed in a liquid or solid. The mass of water
vapor contained in a given volume of gas is called absolute humidity (g/m3). what is usually measured is the relative humidity, defined as the partial
pressure of the water vapor present as a percentage of that necessary to have the gas saturated at a given temperature.

Most electrical insulators show a marked decrease in resistivity (and an increase in electric permittivity) when their water content increases. If we

resistive hygrometers 1.png

resistive hygrometers 2.png

measure the variation of their electric resistance, we have a resistive hygrometer (or "humistor"). If we measure the change in electric capacity, then we have a capacitive hygrometer.

The relationship between the relative humidity and the resistance is not linear. For the model in Figure 2.25, it is nearly exponential and ranges over four decades. The resistance must be measured with ac current having no dc component. The time constant (change to 63% of a step-change input) depends strongly on sensor size, but exceeds 10 s.

Some of the materials used are aqueous solutions of hygroscopic salts (LiCl, BaF2, P2O5) deposited in azigzagpattern between two electrodes on a plastic substrate. There are also probes where no hygroscopic film is used but that have the same form. They are directly based on the changes in resistivity experienced by the substrate after chemically etching its surface (Figure 2.26). AlzO3 can also be used for resistive hygrometers but more often is used in capacitive ones.

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