Car Electrical System and Functions

Car Electrical System and Functions

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Components in a car electrical system with various functions
Car Electrical System - The existence of an electrical component in a car is of course an important part given that it is closely related to the electrical system in the car itself....

Components in a car electrical system with various functions
Car Electrical System - The existence of an electrical component in a car is of course an important part given that it is closely related to the electrical system in the car itself.

Therefore, you need at least a basic understanding of the complex car electrical system so that you get to know how the electrical system in a car works.

So, if one day there is a problem indicated in the electrical component, you can recognize it more quickly.

car electrical system and functions 1

On the other hand, the importance of knowing how the car's electrical system is understood is of course a necessity in ensuring that the components in the car are better maintained and maintained.

Because, each component in the car electrical system has different functions but is related to one another or is integrated with one another.

Therefore, it's not wrong if before entering the topic of car electrical systems, it's good to know more or less the function of the electrical system in cars.

Car Electrical System Functions
Car Electrical System
Battery as a Current Source
Ignition system
Starter Motor
Filling System
Input Component
Output Components
Control System
Wiring Harness

Car Electrical System Functions

There are several functions of the electrical system in a car which are closely related to electrical features are as follows.

car electrical system and functions 2

Trigger the lighter on the spark plug

The function of the electrical system in the first car was to trigger the spark plugs so that they would turn on when started. If the spark plug turns on, the gasoline engine will work.

Therefore, here lies the initial importance of the function of the electric system in cars.

Safety and Security System

On the other hand, the function of the electrical system in a car is also closely related to the safety and security of the car.

One of them is like an alarm, ABS sensor braking system (on the brakes), and so on.

Therefore, it is not surprising that the importance of maintaining the electrical system in cars here will be very much related to various safety security features.

Supporting Convenience

Then, the function of the electrical system in the car is in the form of supporting comfort which will be closely related to the various features of the car itself.

Such as the AC feature, music / video player, speedometer, LCD screen, and several other embedded features.

Of course, by looking at it, the existence of the electrical system in a car is a component that is needed to support maximum comfort for passengers.
Car Electrical System

It should be noted that car electricity is a unitary automation electrical system that is maximized in order to start the engine and keep it alive. In this regard, the car electrical system itself is divided into several parts, including the following.

car electrical system and functions 3

Battery as a Current Source

The battery component is part of the car's electrical system, which is very important and prioritized.

This cannot be separated from its function as an electric power supply. Where, later it will be distributed to several engine starter systems needed by electro chemical tools, such as ignition systems, lights and other electrical components in other cars.
Ignition system

The ignition system has an important role as a trigger for the combustion process. This is of course closely related to the car's electrical system.

Where, it is undeniable that to turn on the engine components in a car, it is necessary to have heat generated from the combination of air and fuel in the cylinder to be converted into motion power.

That way, the existence of the ignition system here is very important and very necessary as part of the electrical scheme in the car.
Starter Motor

Then, the car starter component is a starter motor whose function itself can later produce a greater moment to drive the crankshaft (engine).

Where, this is inseparable from the need for the engine itself, which requires a push from outside to turn the crankshaft and trigger the engine to start with a boost from outside the engine.

Therefore, the starter here plays an important role and is part of the car electrical system scheme, which is so important.

Filling System

Furthermore, the part of the car's electrical system that needs to be understood is the matter of the charging system considering that battery energy will always come out continuously.

Therefore, it is very necessary to have an automatic system that can be used to recharge the battery, one of which is by using a charging system.

So, it's no wonder that the filling system here has an active role that cannot be underestimated.
Input Component

The input components in the car electrical system have an important role and function to determine when the system works.

Regarding the matter of input components, there are a lot of components that relate to the problem of electrical input in cars.

For example, such as switches and sensors. Where, automatically, the input component works to find out when the two electrical systems will turn on or be active.
Output Components

On the other hand, please note that the output components are part of many car electrical systems.

Where, this one component is a series of several components whose function is used as a medium to support the activation of the electrical or electrical system.

For example, such as headlights and car engine components. While examples of actuators that are placed on car body parts, for example, include LEDs, light bulbs, wiper motors, washer pumps, and motor windows.
Control System

The control system is an important component in the car electrical system. However, the control system here is only available on certain brands or types of cars with a Computerized Analytic system.

The reason is, some cars with a control system like this are more likely to maximize the performance of a series of computer processor designs in starting the engine work system and existing features.

Generally, a control system like this is only embedded in a few high-end premium class cars considering its sophistication in running the work system on the car.
Wiring Harness

Furthermore, there is a component called the Wiring Harness which is part of the car's electrical system which is very functional.

The function of this component itself is as a tool to drain electricity from the battery where the nanites will then be distributed to all electrical parts.

Even though it only appears as a series of ordinary cables, if only one cable is damaged, you have to replace all cables, considering that there is an attachment between one cable and another.

car electrical system and functions 4

Quite complicated, right? Of course, the car electrical system that Mas Sena described above is a basic part consisting of a series of components that are generally embedded.

Even though it is complicated, it is clear that the electrical components in the most important car consists of several parts, namely the supply source system, input components, output components, controls, and the wiring harness.

Of the many systems, of course you can more or less understand how the system works from each of the existing electrical components.

Well, let's get here first a review of the car electrical system from Mas Sena. Hopefully this information can become knowledge for those of you who are learning about the electrical components of a car. That's all and see you again.

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