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Audio amplifier or commonly referred to as power amplifier has the function of amplifying a weak sound signal or not so strong that it is formed into a stronger sound signal. This weak sound signal usually comes from the mic pre amp, pre amp head ...

Audio amplifier or commonly referred to as power amplifier has the function of amplifying a weak sound signal or not so strong that it is formed into a stronger sound signal. This weak sound signal usually comes from the mic pre amp, pre amp head from a tape recorder, or a sound signal that comes from the detector part of a radio set.
In this part of the audio amplifier system it usually works on a frequency band width ranging from 15 Hz to 20,000 Hz, because this circuit serves to amplify frequency bands between 15 Hz to 20 KHz and is commonly called frequency audio, so this circuit is called Audio Frequency Amplifier (AF Amplifier).

audio amplifier

Based on the quality, the audio amplifier can be classified into:
a. Audio amplifier for public speaking (public address).
b. Audio amplifier for radio receivers
c. Hi Fi (High Fidelity) audio amplifier.
For the public address audio amplifier is the simplest amplifier, because it does not need to amplify all audio frequencies properly. It is enough if this amplifier can produce a loud sound. Because this amplifier is mainly used only in public places, for example in the field, stations or in open spaces which are usually used to give announcements or speeches.
For audio amplifiers used in radio receivers, the quality is a bit high, because this amplifier must at least be able to amplify low tones (bass) and high tones (treble).
For Hi Fi audio amplifiers, it must be able to reproduce all the sound signals that are put into this amplifier, so that it will produce low notes and high notes that are very pleasant to enjoy. Thus, this audio amplifier is not allowed to have sound defects, for example, there is a hum or wheezing sound.

According to its use, there are two types of power amplifiers, including:
1. Mono power amplifier
2. Stereo power amplifier.

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