Impedance measurement using the soundcard headphone jack

The easiest way to perform an impedance measurement with minimal additional equipment is to use the headphone output of the sound card. All you need is a reference resistor Rref and a small amount ...

3 Tube 3 Watt Direct coupled amplifier

The direct coupled amplifier is always a difficult type of amplifier to construct and keep in adjustment, but is presented here for the more ambitious constructor. As you know, the direct coupled c...

3 Tube 2 Watt Economy AC/DC Amplifier

The feature of this AC/DC amplifier is its low cost due to the small number of parts used. It is quite suitable for phonograph reproduction with good gain capabilities from a less sensitive pickup....

2 Tube contact microphone amplifier

This amplifier is a high gain unit suitable for increasing to headphone level sounds of very small amplitude. The contact microphone is a crystal or magnetic unit attached to an instrumanent soundi...

2 Tube 1 1/2 watt AC/DC Amplifier

Because of its greater gain, this amplifier is capable of fair volume with any type crystal phonograph pickup or radio tuner. It delivers up to 1 1/2 watts output, which is about alll average 3" sp...

1 Tube 1 Watt AC/DC Amplifier

This amplifier, utilizing a dual power output-rectifier tube, is suitable for low volume from a phonograph pickup having at least two volts output. Either a dynamic or permanent magnet speaker may ...

Inverterless one tube (6M11) push pull audio amplifier

Part lists:
1. Speaker
2 Transformer
3. Earth ground
4. Resistor
5. Capasitor
6. V1 heater connection
7. Line level audio in
The output transformer has its p...

Basic Helix Traveling Wave Tube

The Traveling Wave Tubes differs from the klystron in that the radio-frequency field is not confined to a limited region but is distributed along a wave-propagating struture. A longitudinal electro...

Two-Cavity Klystron Amplifier

Klystrons is an electron tube in which the following processes may be distinguished:

A. Periodic variation of the longitudinal velocities of the electrons forming the beam in a region confi...

Resistors Fixed Composition

Resistors Fixed Composition including:

  • Color Code
  • Tolerance


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